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"SPP Marketing Services has been staffing and managing manned intercept marketing programs at the Toronto Pearson International Airport since 1995. SPP Marketing Services have a license to operate within the Greater Toronto Airports Authority and have experience with the logistical and operational requirements. We would not hesitate to recommend their services to any company looking to conduct face to face marketing campaigns at the airport."
Sergio Pulla, Advertising and Partnerships


SPP Marketing Services are known as Canada’s airport marketing specialists. We created the first permanent manned kiosk program in Canadian airports in 1998 for telecom and credit card new customer acquisitions. Our president wrote the rules of conduct adopted by most North American Airports and currently in use as standard documentation for all manned kiosks.

This initiative revolutionized the telecom and credit card sales industry in Canada.

SPP obtained over 600,000 new telecom clients for AT&T and Unitel. We then went on to launch and represent every travel credit card in Canadian airports. Our programs were the most successful in the industry and SPP enrolled over 5 million new customers for our banking clients.

The airport credit card aquisition program, which SPP created for American Express in Canada in 2002, was adapted and transported to over 50 International Airports by the financial institution.

We have in depth knowledge of airport traveler demographics and traffic patterns, own license to



operate, government clearances, knowledge of all airport rules and regulations, and access to post security locations. These elements combined with over 20 years of ongoing presence in Canadian airports have resulted in extremely successful campaigns for our clients, including CIBC, Citibank, Amex, BMO, RBC, TD, Scotiabank and others through our kiosk locations in all major Canadian Airports.

For any experiential marketing or intercept program initiative in Canadian Airports we take care of every aspect from:
- location sourcing,
- display development,
- staff selection and training to
- providing the required government clearances and on going airport management communication.

Our full time on site management ensures that every detail of your airport marketing program is not only optimized but is also compliant with airport rules and regulations. We take the worry away and our real time reporting and performance metrics ensure that you are an active participant in your program’s success!